Lincoln County Sheriff's Department
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Training Officers

Deputy Jon MacDonald is responsible for training all patrol officers in subjects such as DUI, Drug Recognition, Self Defense, Search & Seizure, Defensive Driving, Emergency Vehicle Operations, and multiple other Law Enforcement subjects. Deputy MacDonald presents the department's annual in-service program along with courses of training throughout the year. Facility Training Officer Zek George is responsible for all Corrections Officer training for the facility. Corrections Officers are required to attend 56 hours of Tennessee Corrections Academy Training, an in-house 80 hour training program, and a three-phase facility post training program. Officer George is also responsible for the jail's annual in-service program.

Firearms Training

Sgt. Tony Metcalf is the department's firearms instructor. Sgt. Metcalf is responsible for training and certifying officers on the various weapons in the department. Sgt. Metcalf serves as Lead Sniper for the SWAT Team and is Sgt. over the School Resource Officer Division.