Lincoln County Sheriff's Department
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Front Office Staff

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Criminal Investigations

The purpose of the Criminal Investigations Unit is to investigate all crimes in Lincoln County, TN. These crimes are committed against persons, property, and society. These crimes include arson, child abuse, sexual crimes, domestic violence, gangs, murder, robbery, theft, vandalism, and forgery, among others.


The Patrol Division responds to dispatched calls for service and also patrol the roads throughout the county's 580 square miles. Deputies search for and arrest violators of criminal offenses, investigate criminal activity, and serve both criminal and civil warrants. Civil warrants cover orders of protection, subpoenas, evictions, court ordered property repossession, and other warrants related to civil law. They also assist other agencies state wide by locating and serving civil process to Lincoln County citizens. These deputies provide security for citizen's as well as enforcing traffic laws, providing escorts (such as funerals), and serving arrest warrants.
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The K-9 Division responds to dispatched calls for service and also patrol the roads throughout the county. K-9 units support the Patrol Unit with tracking abilities and drug searches and investigations.

Court Division

The Court Division is led by Sgt. Wayne Graham. The Court Officers are responsible for all aspects of safety and security for the Lincoln County Courthouse, provide inmate transportation for courts, serve as bailiffs in the courtroom and ensure safety of courthouse staff and judges. 

SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics)

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The SWAT Division is equipped with military-type hardware and trained to deploy against threats of terrorism, for crowd control, hostage taking, and in situations beyond the capabilities of ordinary patrol units, sometimes deemed "high-risk". 
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School Resource Officers (SRO's)

The SRO Division is charged with the safety and security of all students and faculty of the Lincoln County School system. SRO's are not only protectors of this group of citizens but are friends, mentors, and big brothers and sisters of the students
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Corrections officers are responsible for the safekeeping of inmates while they are in custody at the jail. They are also responsible for the safety of the community by preventing inmate escapes from the facility. Corrections oversee transport to and from court, medical facilities, and other correction facilities, as well as, Litter Crews, and other county work crews.