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Facility Health Care

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Department contracts with Quality Correctional Health Care for all of its' inmate medical needs. QCHC is a physician-owned company providing healthcare in the correctional setting for the past 15 years, and is one of the Southeast’s leading correctional healthcare providers. QCHC provides a wide range of health care services and ancillary services, including:
  • Medical care
  • Mental healthcare
  • Intake Assessment and Physical Examination
  • Triage and sick call
  • Suicide prevention/intervention
  • Substance abuse/detox programs
  • Radiology and laboratory services
  • Special needs and chronic care
  • Continuity of care and discharge planning
  • Collaboration with community service agencies
  • Network development
  • Hiring/staffing
  • Recruitment/retention plans
  • Patient health education and awareness programs
  • Facility/custody/law enforcement staff training programs
  • Emergency and hospitalization arrangements
  • Utilization management
  • Pharmaceutical supply and medication management
  • Off-site claims management
  • Electronic Medical Records